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All wind turbines side by side producing pure electricity without destroying our beloved planet Eart

Original solutions in engineering and wind energy

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Project co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund under Measure 1.3.1 Support for research and development projects in the pre-seed phase by proof of concept funds - BRIdge Alfa entitled "Epic Alfa Fund of advanced technologies in the PoP and PoC phase" implemented by ERC sp. z o. o

About us

WindTAK delivers  professional solutions in wind engineering,  focusing on areas  related to the operation of turbines and the improvement of their energy efficiency. The nature of the wind, local environmental conditions and variable energy prices, combined with the characteristics of the turbine, require an individual approach. Precise analysis allows for the best use of both wind resources and turbine potential - the two most important profit-generating factors for the owner of a wind turbine.

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What we do

Business areas


Aerodynamic analysis and optimization

Increasing AEP

Wind farm operating parameters monitoring system

Reducing maintenance and operating costs

Research and development of innovative solutions

Wind tunnel tests, material tests, leading edge protection

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We work with the best  experts in the renewable energy industry and research institutes from Poland, the EU and the USA. We have access to advanced infrastructure,  knowledge and experience of our partners.

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Piotr Wiklak
CTO, Technical Manager

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Wind energy designer and engineer.


Maciej Karczewski

CEO, Founder

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 ​An expert in the field of aerodynamics and wind engineering. Experienced manager, doctor of mechanical engineering.


Jakub Felcenloben

Head of the Electronics Department

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Electronic engineer and project manager

with experience in renewable energy and electromobility.

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Meet the team


WindTAK Sp. z o.o. 

NIP 7292728449, REGON 381864780

Wróblewskiego 38a, 93-578 Łódź

(+48) 660 253 995

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I want to improve the efficiency of my wind turbine

The world's only additively manufactured WindTAK turbulizers (vortex generator) are able to increase the annual efficiency (AEP) of a wind turbine by up to 5%.

My company is struggling to obtain compensation for damage to a wind turbine

Data collected on the WindTAK measurement platform, together with our analyses, enable the assessment of key operational parameters of the turbine and provide additional information on the course of events. It also allows you to eliminate most of the most common failures such as pitch misalignment, mass and aerodynamic imbalance, yaw misalignment and many others.

My turbines require repairs more and more often, and despite regular servicing, sometimes they become more seriously damaged, and their downtime is very expensive.

The installed 5GVG by WindTAK technology gives a full picture of the technical condition of the wind turbine and allows you to reduce its operating costs by up to -7%. The machine learning algorithms used (ML - Machine Learning) allow warning against failure, give time to plan service and limit machine downtime. Our digital twin model, in turn, gives you the opportunity to calculate losses or profits on a faithful model of your turbine.

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