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Safety for WindTAK from the best professionals in the industry.

Training on safe work on wind turbines has started in full swing at #WindTAK. Our team set off to #Koszalin to learn the secrets of safety and advanced emergency procedures in specially prepared facilities of the #Windhunter Academy. The one-week training module at the #BasicSafetyTraining level consists of professional theoretical classes and an extensive practical part enriched with e.g. virtual reality training. The whole module ends with a #GlobalWindOrganisation ( #GWO ) certificate. The #certificate will provide our excellent technical and engineering crew with authorisations and the ability to safely move around a #turbine or an entire wind farm. It will also enable the safe installation of our products in the near future. They passed the wind, fire and height test brilliantly - space, capricious weather, high-altitude exercises and annoying cold are a 'walk in the park' for our best and most fearless specialists! - Bravo! :-)

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