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On my return from last year's Copenhagen conference, I predicted the emergence of a kind of "New Green Marshall Plan" for the wind energy industry and, more broadly, for the entire energy market globally. However, environmental factors and climate change turned out to be only a gradual and predictable process compared to the geopolitical nudge associated with the conflict that erupted at the end of February 2022. Its energy, resources and technological dimensions will probably exceed with their scale and vehemence any possible prediction of energy transition processes towards its renewable face. To say the word 'Gamechanger' in this context is like saying very little... For it has once again become apparent that common sense and progressive calculation in favour of protecting ecosystems and the climate were relatively unconvincing arguments in relation to the shock of the war, of which primary resources and fossil fuels and their transmission were probably also one of the substrates. This, of course, represents an even greater development opportunity for the offshore and onshore wind sectors, which has been greatly strengthened by the European Commission as an independent and clean source of renewable energy. We are aware, however, that the conflict will not last forever. It is to be hoped, however, that Ursula von der Leyen's recent stance on increasing the target power volume to 520 GW of installed wind capacity on the EU's markets is not just a response to a temporary crisis, but will involve the mapping of a full, coherent development path for wind energy. This path is also WindTAK's roadmap. On the eve of the great celebration of all imaginative, talented visionaries of the industry, our company appears today in Bilbao, Spain. We are present at the Wind Europe Annual Event 2022, one of the world's largest and most important renewable energy events, which is sold out to the last seat. Tomorrow we will be at the centre of the wind energy world. Excellent news arrived literally a moment ago from national government centres. The long-awaited update of the Polish Energy Policy until 2040. (PEP2040) - will strengthen the energy security and independence of our country and consequently of this part of Europe.

By 2040, Poland will aim to generate 50% of its electricity from RES! This means:

This means: - Increasing technological diversification and expansion of capacities based on domestic sources - Poland will consistently strive to cover its electricity demand with technologically diversified domestic sources in order to maintain a high degree of energy independence. - Investments in the energy sector will be aimed at ensuring stability of operation of energy systems, taking into account the impact of the sector on the human environment. - Further development of renewable energy sources. - Boosting the development of RES in all sectors will respond to the challenges of independence and sovereignty. At the same time, it will take into account the improved quality of life resulting from a cleaner, better environment. Similar news has also come from France - 40 GW has been put on the table by 2050! All this will result in even faster and more effective chances of making the world independent from, as it turned out recently, "tragically and politically unstable hydrocarbons", which for years had been put forward as a model of energy stability and a factor of civilisational prosperity. It turned out that hydrocarbons can be a source of enormous problems, suffering and uncertainty in dimensions other than environmental and technological. Instability and capriciousness, which were used to describe the most energy-efficient forces of nature, namely the wind and the sun. Attempts were made to persuade engineers, inventors and environmentalists that these forms of energy are untameable, unpredictable and difficult to quantify. It all turned out to be a collection of myths and half-truths that scientific methodology and the young CleanTech sector were cracking down on. Emotion should never be an expert on technology.

However, there is no denying that it is quite clear today where the future is. And what colours it looks like despite the dramatic present... and finally how it builds up in the long term on the basis of hard market laws and the growing pro-environmental requirements of the New Green Deal. Politicians are now talking about the 'Energy of Freedom'. We know what it should look like in the near future! The future is wind energy and storage. Complementary hydrogen technologies are the natural way forward. Plus efficient, safe and predictable installations - "nourished" by the new dynamics of IoT, 5G/6G, 3D printing, fostering safety and lower costs for manufacturers and consumers. All these technologies are being re-formulated by the Industry 4.0 revolution in ever more surprising unveilings. WindTAK feels at home in all these areas! ... or rather in the technological pantheon of the coming opportunities.

So - the future is in the restoration. The future is Wind. I am not the only one who strongly believes that we will all live to see a Win-Wind situation!

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